Your health… Our priority

Wishing to confirm its excellence in the field of medical assistance, GMF ASSISTANCE Management decided to commit, in a formal quality approach, in accordance with ISO 9001 international quality standard; a valuable tool that we use to continuously improve our internal organization to better comply with growing and changing customers requirements and expectations.

 Three strategic areas :

Our quality Policy framed by ISO 9001 quality standard focuses on three strategic areas:

 > Active listening and meeting customer satisfaction

We are committed to maintain a relationship of trust with our customers based on active listening and understanding of their needs and expectations;

We are committed to provide our customers with specific innovative services adapted to their needs.

 > Enabling and safe working environment of our partners

We are committed to always ensure healthy and motivating social climate within our company;

We are committed to always improve skills and competence of our staff to ensure we have the right person in the right place at the right time;

We are committed to better meet legal requirements in terms of hygiene, health, safety, security and environment;

We value and share best practices and attitudes.

 > Constant improvment of our Quality Management System  (QMS)

We are committed to keep management reviews and regular assessment of our management system;

We are committed to adopt quantitative indicators with the participation structure focal points;

We are committed to integrate quality policy in top Management engagement and to share it with all company’s staff to ensure a better understanding of its content and spirit.

Finally, we reiterate our commitment to respect this quality policy and we entrust the responsibility for its implementation and monitoring to QMS responsible with the active involvement of all staff.

General Management
Tunis,December 28th, 2013