Home Health Care (HHC)

 MAHDHIA MEDICAL SERVICESWe are never well served and looked after only at own home.

As an alternative to the traditional hospitalization, HHC takes care of patients from different age groups with serious or acute pathology within their family’s environment.

What GMF ASSISTANCE can bring you:

  • A continuity of home health care treatments by mobilizing a number of paramedics applying nursing and assuring looking after patients according to the treating doctor’s notes and taking into consideration the patient’s needs.
  • A medical coordination is assured by the regulator doctor in cooperation with the treating doctor.
  • An apply of the medical prescription as well as complementary exams which are meant to be accomplished at home.
  • A home physiotherapy.
  • A psychological assistance for the patient and / or his relatives if necessary.
  • Medical equipment adjusted to the technical development.
  • Personalized medical advice and education.
  • A highly qualified care service similar to that at hospitals.
  • A social follow-up if necessary.