Health, Safety and Environment policy (HSE)

 March 21st 2013, Tunis

The personnel’s health, physical and psychological integrity and welfare are the major and constant preoccupations of GMF ASSISTANCE.

 Our HSE policy focuses on the respect of the strategic engagements and actions as the following :

Be in conformity with all laws and the applicable rules to our company. In case of their absence, apply fixed norms in a responsible way:

  • Respect HSE instructions on workplaces where we intervene.
  • Meet our customers’ requirements regarding safety and environment.
  • Identify, evaluate and reduce the risks related to health, safety and the environment in relation with our activities and that may affect the personnel, customers, subcontractors or our equipment and installations.
  • Manage and analyse the causes of unpredicted accidents.
  • Acquire and use equipment in conformity with the norms and regulations related to safety and environment.
  • Assure the training and awareness sessions about safety and environment norms among all the personnel working on our sites.
  • Promote the culture of preventing accidental risks.
  • Elaborate the necessary structures related to the medical follow up of our personnel.
  • Promote and develop awareness campaigns to fight against alcohol, smoking, VIH Aids, road risks, ergonomics.
  • Master our energy’s consumption to safeguard natural resources.
  • Master our discharges; optimize the management of our wastes by a controlled disposal.
  • Maintain a high level of environmental and security exigency among our personnel, clients, as well as our different suppliers and partners.
  • Ensure an efficient communication strategy among our personnel, clients, partners about the fixed goals, planned actions and the obtained results.
  • Be always ready to listen to our clients.
  • Work strictly with our clients and partners on HSE issue.


In order to support this strategy the management engages itself to provide all the tools to promote this process, ensure the continuous improvement of its Management System, as it supports the active implication and participation of the different actors and collaborators.