About us

Mahdhyia Medical Services, GMF ASSISTANCE founded in November 2008 is a medical services company working with specialized medical staff 24h/ 24 and 7/7.

Our vision

In GMF ASSISTANCE we believe that the best medical service is only that meets the special needs of the patient, we mean personalized medical assistance.

Our strenght

  • A medical regulation between the different actors in health field inside and outside of Tunisia.
  • A mobile resuscitation equipment
  • A diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
  • ICT didactic material
  • A specific formation program meeting our partners needs about sanitary education, prevention and risk culture, health and work safety , stress management, psychological assistance , basic first aid, BLS, ATLS, airway rescue
  • Awareness and prevention from infectious and emerging diseases,
  • Training for ambulance drivers and a continuous training for the health personnel

 What can MAHDHIYA MEDICAL SERVICES provide you with?

  • Assure a best take care of the patients thanks to medical assistance at home, home health care and interventions in emergency cases.
  • To foster customers loyalty by continuous and enriching training.
  • Guarantee the Quality label on the logistics of rescue, the multidisciplinary medical assistance for healing and preventive cases.